We're a Finalist!

We are honored to announce that The Digital Hook is a 2017 Best of Bolingbrook Business Finalist! The winners will be announced in March by the [...]

Why having a beautiful website doesn't mean -BLEEP-


Increase Your Twitter Followers pt 3. - Pay attention to what’s happening on Twitter

Being active on Twitter isn’t just about posting. It’s also about staying in the loop with what’s happening in the world and online. Most users on[...]

Increase Your Twitter Followers Pt 2. - Use capitivating visual content

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Increase Your Twitter Followers Pt. 1 - Follow to get followed.

Trying to grow your following on Twitter? Looking to get the most out of the time you spend on Twitter for your brand?

Big or Small, ignoring customers on twitter is a big mistake.

I was sitting around with a few other Social Media professionals as we all spoke about the different projects which are happily taking up our time when[...]